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Once upon a time in 1897, there were two brothers who embarked on a journey along The Innes track, a rugged path stretching from Mole Creek to Rosebery. Little did they know that their expedition would lead to an extraordinary discovery. As they laboured away, cutting through the dense wilderness, their axes struck something unexpected beneath the surface - major ore bodies.

Samuel and Benjamin, the two brothers, realized the significance of their find and made a pact to keep it a secret until the right time. For ten months, they meticulously planned and prepared to stake their claim on the precious ore. Finally, in a moment of readiness, they unveiled their secret to the world.

By 1899, consignments of valuable ore began departing from Tullah, a testament to the brothers' hidden treasure. Their once-secret discovery had transformed into a bustling mining operation. The legacy of their find reverberated through the town, attracting prospectors and miners eager to uncover their own fortunes.

The brothers' determination and foresight forever changed the landscape of Tullah. The humble town became a hub of mining activity, bustling with life and excitement. The wealth generated from the ore brought prosperity to the community, uplifting the spirits of its residents.

The story of Samuel and Benjamin's discovery would be told for generations, a tale of perseverance and the rewards of keeping a secret until the right moment. Their legacy would forever be entwined with the growth and success of Tullah, serving as a reminder of the remarkable power hidden beneath the earth's surface.


As consignments of ore left Tullah, the town thrived, witnessing its transformation from a simple stop along The Innes track to a flourishing centre of industry. Samuel and Benjamin's remarkable journey and the subsequent growth of Tullah stood as a testament to the power of discovery and the enduring spirit of those who dare to venture into the unknown.

At Innes Distillery, just like the Innes brothers, we hold a secret. We have devoted ourselves to developing and crafting the finest recipes for Gin, Vodka, and Whisky that Tasmania has to offer. As pioneers on the West Coast of Tasmania, we take great pride in being the first distillery in this region.

Our distillery is nestled in the charming town of Tullah, located on the shores of Lake Rosebery. Surrounded by majestic mountains and blessed with the purest water and cleanest air in Tasmania, Tullah provides the ideal setting for our craft. With the use of the world's purest rainwater, we have perfected our unique taste of Tasmania.

In the heart of this pristine environment, we meticulously handcraft our original blends of Whisky, Gin, and Vodka. Each sip reveals the essence of Tasmania, capturing the untamed beauty of our surroundings. We are delighted to share our passion with you, offering a taste that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Join us at Innes Distillery, where tradition meets innovation, and experience the exquisite flavours born from the secrets we hold dear. Discover the essence of Tasmania in every sip, as we invite you to indulge in our handcrafted spirits, created with the purest water and the utmost care.

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Innes Distillery

(03) 64734121

30 Farrell Street, Tullah, Tasmania, 7321

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